The Weathervane From the Old State House

The Old State House in downtown Boston is home to The Bostonian Society who operate the building as a museum. The Old State House itself was originally built in 1713 as the seat of British government in the new colony. Unfortunately not much from the original building still exisits since the building has survived multiple fires in the almost 300 years since its construction.

Aside from the exterior bricks, one of the pieces thought to be orignial to 1713 is the weathervane. Sitting atop the Old State House tower from almost 300 years, the weathervane is in great condition.

During our Tower Restoration Project in the spring of 2008, the weathervane was taken down to be cared for and examined. The weathervane was examined by Myrna Kaye, a New England weathervane expert. The visit brought some interesting news about the weathervane, and its age.